Meeting Rell for the first time was for my wife and me a huge relief since we knew no builders in this area. He gave us a high comfort level immediately by being able to discuss our plans with ideas on where we might save money along with multiple options for the best decisions.

Every Friday we would meet and Rell would have a list of things to go over with us and each item was explained in detail. We always had a chance to make decisions regarding any changes we thought necessary. His explanation of each situation was always very thorough. We also had the opportunity in many cases to meet with and share time with his sub contractors and his choice of people to do the specialty work is superb. His 3 personal carpenters were young, talented, and fun to talk with. We enjoyed them so much every once and a while we would fix lunch or have a cookout at the job site with them.

The building experience with Rell is one I would do again. He has become a good friend and continues to this day to offer suggestions on how to do things. His sense of humor was always timely in difficult situations, but he always approached things with a mild manner and resolve. His knowledge of the area building codes and general day to day happenings is on the button. Vicki and I would highly recommend a visit with Rell to discuss your plans for which he will be a big help in many ways.

We would welcome a visit and conversation about any aspect of Rell’s workmanship. We are very happy with our place and it is a very well built home, you can see that from the very first time you look at it, so come take a look! Harry and Vicki Micka


I am very pleased and fortunate to be able to write this note for Rell Lackland Construction regarding the pending completion of our new mountain retirement home near Murphy, North Carolina. This is not only our dream home, but it is the first home we designed ourselves, the first home we have ever had built, the first new home we have ever owned and no doubt, the last chance to make it happen. As such, this is it! No second chances to get it right.

Our list of amenities, features, gotta-haves and wanna-haves caused our anticipated 1800 square foot retirement home to evolve into a 4000 square foot true dream house that now overlooks the Hiawassee River and enjoys mountain views into Georgia and Tennessee. The obvious challenge became optimizing the dream home features and costs while not compromising the dream.

With Rell’s advice and direction, we’re there. Our lack of home design and construction experience surfaced in the form of a few changes during construction. It looked good on paper, but would not have had the right “feel” if built as shown. His patience, innovativeness, and desire to meet our adjusted requirements saved the day on multiple occasions.

Obviously, the perfect (adjusted) design is only a dream unless it can be converted into the final product. I have seen a lot of residential and commercial construction throughout my life and I do recognize and respect quality workmanship. I had come dangerously close to believing that craftsmanship was extinct and could only be found in a good dictionary. Rell restored my faith in America’s workforce abilities and work ethics. The quality of construction has been consistently excellent from his personal crews through his hand picked subcontractors. Thank you!

Best yet, in addition to realizing our dream, Jenny and I feel that we gained good friends in Rell and Carol. Quality home construction is wonderful, quality friends are better.

Thanks, friend.

Alan and Jenny Keith